Cadete A

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Cadetes Bizkaia – División De Honor

CD Galdakao Cad ACD Galdakao Cad A12275103543-826
Danok Bat Cad BDanok Bat Cad B2650122111115
Barakaldo CF Cad ABarakaldo CF Cad A37502158715
CD Getxo CadCD Getxo Cad465011611515
Athletic Club Cad BAthletic Club Cad B574212271514
CD Retuerto Sport Cad ACD Retuerto Sport Cad A66411158713
SD Deusto Cad ASD Deusto Cad A774031310312
Amorebieta C.AAmorebieta A874031211112
Astrabuduako FT Cad A Astrabuduako FT Cad A9640265112
SD Indautxu Cad ASD Indautxu Cad A1042119637
Santutxu FC Cad BSantutxu FC Cad B1171241218-65
CD Urdaneta Cad ACD Urdaneta Cad A126123615-95
CD Padura Cad ACD Padura Cad A135113911-24
Itzubaltzeta FT CadItzubaltzeta FT Cad1461141015-54
Loiola I Cad ALoiola I Cad A156033412-83
Bermeo FT Cad ABermeo FT Cad A166006419-150
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